Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ipads and other news

So I have returned to blog land. So much to say and yet not much that will interest anyone... Jeff came home for a week and it was the best week I can remember in such a long time. It was so great. But then.. he had to go and now I'm back in insomnia land. I'm about a month behind, yes I said a month behind in school. Why? Oh because of my stupid sleep issues mainly. I am awake all night and then sleep until noon during the day and get nothing done before it is kids pickup time and then there is the whole dinner and evening rush around to actives. Sigh.. I sure hope I can pass and pull this out. While Jeff was here we got dressed up and went to a dining out. It was nice to see him in his mess dress. I happen to think he looks fantastic!

So I'm testing out my new toy, I got an ipad. I love it!!! It is so much fun and already I have found cool stuff to do with it, such as typing this blog on it.. fun for me anyway.
Well I'm kind of just testing this out... good-night!

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