Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recovery updates

I'm 3 weeks post op today.  I should be driving and pain free and even exercising.  But I am doing none of those things.  Why?  Because I'm SO SICK!!  I got what I thought was the cold going around, but after spending the night in the ER I actually have severe Bronchitis.  What fun!  NOT.  It sucks.  I feel worse than dirt.  My chest is rattling and I have a cough that would scare small children.  I was so dehydrated that they poured fluids into me.  Not a fun night.  So I'm hopefully on the road to recovery once again but slowly again.
I am also tired of being exhausted.  I'm just wiped out if I do much.  I know that I can expect this to remain for 3 months or so, but...I want my energy back!  When my last incision closes up finally I can swim and take baths again.  I have big plans for a water aerobics class.  But I have to get well first!  I know people are sick of helping me.  But...Jeff is gone and I still need help!  What can I do?  It is frustrating to me as well.  If only Jeff were here.  I am having such a hard time with this.  I will say that I have found that I have  friends who are just gifts from heaven..They come over twice a day to help me change the gauze in my incision, drive me to the doctor, and even take me to the ER and stay with me until 3 in the morning.  Thank God for them! 

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