Thursday, July 1, 2010

A much better day and bingo!

Today I had an apt. at Fort Carson about the surgery... it seems that my blood pressure is too high for the anesthesia to work on me.  So I am now on some meds for it.  He also said that I'm a better fit for the standard gastric bypass instead of the vertical sleeve. :(  That REALLY  bums me out.  I had done all the research on it and I just.. am scared.. He thinks I may get in by mid-August.  That is fine, however I will have to do some re scheduling since the kids will be in school and so will I.  But the better news is..
  I went to bingo today and WON!   Not only 1 game, but 3.  Yep I won 3 times!  It was crazy awesome!  I won $400 today.  I even won 2 games in a row on the very same number..B2.. I bought lottery tickets tonight too, I figured if I was going to win, today would be a good day!

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