Monday, June 21, 2010

Iphone 4 !!!

I just can't wait to get the new iphone 4!!  I have the 3G, and REALLY want this new phone.  Pre-sales are over and of course it is dicey lining up hoping to get one Thursday.  I managed to get a sort of pre order at Best Buy.  They won't promise that it will be there by Thursday, but I am hoping that it will be is my something to look forward to this week.  That is my new thing, I have little things to look forward to.  And I am really looking forward to getting this new toy.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed.
I am hoping to visit Jeff in October.  I have  to travel space-a of course, and there is a chance that I won't have a seat on the plane.  I miss him so much.  I still am not sleeping well at night.  I just can't believe that he will be away for an entire year.  It is such a long time.  I just miss him, I hate to be so wimpy but  I really love and miss my best friend.  I think maybe  the fact that it was just father's day is part of it.  The first of many holidays he will miss.
But... I got this.   I do have a grip.. I just miss him.  But every day I grow stronger and more capable and am already surprising myself.

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