Saturday, May 22, 2010

5 Days...

5 more days and then I will see my husband! Josh and I are flying to Vegas on the day his class is over and meeting him there. We are staying in our timeshare so there is no cost for hotel, and ...separate bedrooms!! Yep. Use your imagination for that one.
I am sooo excited to see him again. But the sad part is that he leaves for Thule 5 days later. June 2. Such a bummer that he has to leave again so soon. Sigh..oh well can't change it.

My oldest son was Confirmed last Sunday. This a big deal in the Catholic Church and we are proud of him. He didn't really want to go through the classes, but he did and the moment arrived and I think he looks pretty good all cleaned up!

As for my other children, my youngest turned 13...How on earth could THAT be possible! I have 3 teenagers. All of them. So crazy how fast life goes sometimes isn't it?

My daughter is having a tougher time, she is having an ongoing disagreement with one of her best friends and it just breaks my heart that she is going through it.

I am feeling much better and looking forward to meeting with my surgeon, but can't get in until JUNE 30! That is so far away! I hate that he is taking leave! ( I know, it is selfish of me but, like the man can't take a vacation when I need him!!) So as for timing of the surgery, I have no idea now. I can only hope to get in right after the 30th.. I hope right in the first part of July, don't want to wait until August with school starting.

Well I'm off to enjoy the rest of this sunny (FINALLY) day and relax!!

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