Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feeling Better!! About to Hit 1 Month Mark!!

Ah... the gift of a few meds! Zoloft is now my friend, and you know what? I feel better. How weird. I really do..the anxiety has gone way down. Now I just miss him. But I'm not calling him telling him I can't do this...Sheesh! What a whiner I was. But it wasn't really me I don't think, it was the anxiety talking. I'm back!! :)

It is the last day of the semester for me. I am now the not-so-proud owner of 2..C's.
Yep. I'm so disgusted with myself for that. But I was so behind that I just couldn't finish the final paper in 1 class, and 3 smaller papers in the other. No idea on what this does to my GPA. It WAS around 3.7.. and I know I just tanked it. I guess I will have to take the stupid classes again, already have the books. I just don't want to pay again damn it!!GRRRRRR!!

I just also finished the last of the pre- stuff I have to do to get my surgery. I now have to just..wait. I wait for them to call and say they got my stuff all checked off. I REALLY REALLY want this done in June or July. June would be I could have enough time to recover.

I have 3 cats that I adore. I am a TOTAL cat person. Well they have decided that since Jeff's side of the bed appears to be vacant that they will now sleep there. All of them. I took a picture the other night, found it kind of cute. My kitten (who has grown as you can see) and my older cat are just BFF and it is so cute so enjoy!

Also.. check out my flowers Jeff sent for Mother's Day!!

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! And those flowers are beautiful. Hang in there!