Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pity Party Warning...

Still with me? Ok, you were warned.. I am feeling EXTREMELY SORRY FOR MYSELF.

It has just been a pretty awful day. I can't seem to sleep without my husband.
It. Is. Driving. Me. Crazy.! I'm so tired that the bags under my eyes have bags. I woke up my oldest today and THOUGHT he got up. I then went back to bed for what I thought was an hour until 7, but it turned out to be 10am..yep great parenting! So I get the younger ones up and we head downstairs to find that the alarm is still on and deadbolt Ryan didn't get up either..FABULOUS!!!
I then find out that somehow we owe the dentist because it would seem that we had more than 2 cleanings this what? It appears that we were like a day or two early and now I owe about $400. SUPER. Let me pull that out of thin air...

And I'm just plain missing my husband. I miss him so much that I have teared up and cried today on and off. What a baby, I know. Even he is sick of me being so down. I'm usually a happy person, so this "Debbie Downer" (Saturday Night Live anyone?) is not who I usually am. This weird weather isn't helping either, snow again on Sunday and then 80 yesterday. Colorado is a weird place in Spring.

My daughter will be graduating from 8th grade this month, (nice that my husband leaves the year she starts high school)and we went dress shopping. Dress #1 she really wanted however I thought...nope too old for went with the one with the straps. What do you all think? Am I old fashioned? She did look nice in the strapless one, but I just don't think I'm ready for that yet!!!


  1. Sorry you are having a bad time of it :( I have a hard time sleeping when my hubby is gone too. As much as I hate it when he hogs the bed and heavy breathes all night.

    I don't think you are being old fashioned not wanting her to wear a strapless. She is in 8th grade, and from what I see, too many kids that age and even younger are trying too hard to be older. Cell phones, skimpy clothes, makeup and all. I just hope for my sake my girls are somewhat tom boy-ish like I was when I was in middle school and the beginning of high school. They won't mind wearing dresses but they won't like wearing them too skimpy *crosses fingers*

  2. Thanks KC for the kind words. I just can't seem to get it together for some reason. I know that I need to and I suspect my lack of sleep as a huge culprit..
    Thanks also for your saying you don't think I'm old fashioned! She really wanted the other dress, but I managed to convince her on the one with the straps..