Friday, April 23, 2010

1 week down...

I have survived the first week with little to no tears with the exception of today. Today I just couldn't get it together for some reason. The kids had a snow day today.. yes, I said snow day. It was snowing like crazy and coming down in wet, heavy chucks. So weird. I am.. well I just am. I feel almost numb to my surroundings isn't that odd? I think it is.

The boys were supposed to go camping but didn't because Josh lost it about the weather and he just plain missed his dad. J. goes on every campout with him and it really hit home that his dad wouldn't be there this time. Broke my heart so I let him stay. What a softie I am. So I had the whole day to do school work that I'm so behind on.. didn't crack a book. Nope, not a single page. Why do I do this to myself? It is ridiculous really. Now I have to cram and write a crappy paper that I won't proof read because I won't have the time.
Maybe soon I will snap out of this funk.

On the bright side.. I slept last night!!! Yaay!!

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