Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello again.. For the Blog Hoppers..

So.. I'm living through a 14 month long absence from my USAF husband for the first time and finding that IT SUCKS! I have 2 teenagers and 1 almost teenager and 3 cats who I adore..the cats, the kids are growing on me. I'm also a RN student and an avid bingo player..trying to figure out how to keep my sanity until June 2011!!

Oh and I live in a state where the weather is April 30.. and it is freakin snowing AGAIN!!

So on Wednesday I played bingo in a must go( where the jackpot will for sure be won that night no matter how many numbers get called) and the prize was $15,000, oh yes.. I wanted that. So I get down to 1 number at 44 numbers called and that
(for you non-bingo players)is freakin' great! And I wait..and wait...and wait some more..until...someone else wins. Are you kidding me? How on earth was it possible for the bingo powers-that-be to let me lose? Sigh.. oh well another time.


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  4. Thanks all.. I'm happy to meet you, and look forward to reading what you all are up to in the future.

  5. Thanks for linking up on the blog hop! We have so many linked up now so hopefully you're meeting all the great mil spouses out there. I'm already a follower...just stopping by to say hi. Happy hopping!

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  6. Hey, I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Can't wait to keep reading! I'm pretty new to blogging myself.

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