Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a weekend

Friday it snowed like crazy, my boys skipped a campout that were supposed to go on because well my youngest just didn't want to go without his dad. He didn't like the weather so much either but I suspect dad had more to do with it. He was a bit on the clingy side for the day as well.

So Saturday I got into a WICKED argument with my 14 year old daughter. It was long and ugly. I won't go into it but it left me feeling drained and just plain awful. I didn't get my school work done yet again due to that and ongoing fall out from it. So today is it..and then I have work in the research paper and reviews for the other class that should be nearly finished but you know that I haven't started..I am just a mess this semester! It has only been a week since he left and I'm already done. I'm just done! Another week of running around is about to begin.. karate, scouts, karate then running Ryan up the mountain an hour and a half for the weekend so he can go to staff weekend. I HATE driving to Camp A. HATE IT , HATE IT, HATE IT!!! The entrench to the camp is on this road that just TERRIFIES me. It is a 1 way or room for 1 car anyway road with a cliff drop off into the river on the side. I'm so scared of falling off the side of that road. It is silly, but that little road just scares me to death.
Have to pretend to do my paper now...Thanks for listening if anyone has been reading this rambling. It does make me feel better to write it all down!

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