Monday, April 5, 2010

Kids are back in school

Well today was a shock to the body for sure! Getting up to get kids off to school and then to try to get things done was no fun. I'm headed to the Doc this morning to check on a swollen lymph node, then having lunch with J.! I got him to agree to bingo tonight on base which is a plus! I hope we win, it will help sooo much with upcoming things. I'm trying to visit him in Las Vegas at the end of May when he drives through there on his way back here to out-process. The idea is to let J. finish the drive with some company. Oh and also to let me play some in Vegas! I do love gambling! Something to look forward to, but no money saved up for it does make that just a dream. I'm so behind on my school work. I am going to wreck my GPA with this semester's grades. But I spent my time with Jeff not reading and now I have to pay for it. I just wish I could have put it on hold until he leaves, and then do it.

This is interesting. I thought I would write a post or two and then quit, but I just may keep this up, more as a diary I guess since there isn't anyone who'd be interested in it, but makes me feel better all the same!

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